Relevate Presents: Scholars Ship
Episode 18

The Invisible Man with Dr. Autumn Bermea

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Eric and Denzel discuss intimate partner violance and post-traumatic stress disorder in the psychologlical thriller "The Invisible Man" with Dr. Autumn Bermea. Follow how Cecilia navigates leaving her abusive relationship, PTSD, and being stalked by an invisible man and how her experiences relate to the experiences of other IPV survivors.

0:00 – 8:41 Introduction to Dr. Bermea and Invisible Man

8:42 – 13:32 Cecilia Leaving her partner

13:33 – 28:49 Barriers for individuals leaving abusive relationships

28:50 – 39:30 Understanding Cecilia’s trauma response and Adrian’s death by suicide

39:31 – 47:36 Adrian’s escalating abuse

47:37 – 57:36 Isolation tactics and gaslighting in abusive relationships

57:37 – 1:05:17 Final Confrontation

1:05:18 – 1:19:59 What happens after the movie for Cecilia? And wrap up thoughts


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