Relevate Presents: Scholars Ship
Episode 15

Twilight with Dr. Lance Garmon

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The great litarary question of our time: are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Take sides and then join Dr. Goodcase and Dr. Jones as they talk to Dr. Lance Garmon about the Twilight Saga. We discuss Bella Swan's intense love story with the sparkly vegetarian vampire Edward Cullen, her relationship with her family, the love triangle with the werewolf Jacob, and whether we think Bella and Edward have a happily forever after.  

00:00 - 10:02 Introduction to Dr. Lance Garmon and Twilight

10:03 - 30:51 Bella with her family and Bella and Edward (Attachment Theory)

30:52 - 39:50 Who likes Twilight and what is appealing about it?

39:51 - 47:30 Bella and Edward’s strengths as a couple

47:31 - 52:52 Edward and Bella negotiating the temptation of sex and blood sucking

52:53 - 1:06:28 Team Edward or Team Jacob?

1:06:29 - 1:13:10 Bella and Edward’s future together

1:13:11 - 1:33:53 Wrapping up

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