Retro Indie Pixels
Episode 1

Retro Indie Pixels - Episode 001 : The Return

Old World Gamer published on

After several years on hiatus, OWG & SDK are back with a new podcast with a lot of new content! 

Podcast can be watched LIVE every Sunday at 7PM EST at 

With our return, we'll need some time to get the hang of things again but it shouldn't take us too long. For each podcast we will both bring Game and Indie news from the far reaches of the internet. We will also be mentioning the newest Speedrunning World Records for the NES, OWG's Steam Discovery Queue, Gaming Deals, Kickstarters, a new segment called Scott Nerds, and a small review of an indie game courtesy of IndieQuest, as our Game of the Week!

We hope we can gather up all of our old listeners and viewers in the upcoming weeks as well as gain plenty more new. If you have suggestions for the podcast, feel free to let us know. 

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I'm now a Humble Bundle Partner, feel free to purchase your games through my link and you can decide how much of your purchase goes toward my reviews and streams.

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