Retro Indie Pixels
Episode 2

Retro Indie Pixels - Episode 002: Disorders, Delays and Deals

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Covering plenty of gaming news in modern, retro and indie as well as nice list of new World Records for NES speedrunning. Some unique Kickstarters and some new handheld consoles coming, it seems like we get a new handheld console every week. 

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@1:31 Sonic Film Delay
@5:41 Anti-LootBox Bill
@12:07 Overwatch now Has Replays
@15:26 Overwatch Workshop
@19:13 Pokemon Go Community Day
@20:37 Sony Production Studios
@24:49 Twisted Metal Movie
@29:18 Mortal Kombat 11 Huge Sales
@33:46 God of War Sales / Movie
@35:46 Epic Games, Epic Fail
@40:54 Dr. Who VR Game
@44:26 TellTale Games Disappearing
@48:27 Slay the Spire coming to Switch
@52:12 Dauntless Wait Times
@55:14 VR Glove.... and Pants
@1:01:27 League of Legends Mobile
@1:05:58 Weekly NES Speedrun World Records
@1:17:11 OWG Steam Discovery Queue
@1:26:57 Game Deals
@1:37:41 Kickstarter: Soko Banana
@1:42:15 Kickstarter: Hegemone Pass
@1:46:07 Kickstarter: Nox Archaist
@1:50:11 New NES Game: What Remains
@1:52:30 New C64 Game: Winterdane
@1:53:59 New ZX Spectrum Game: Sc0tb0t
@1:56:25 Skull & Bones not Coming to E3
@1:59:12 Morrowind Rebirth Overhaul Mod Update
@2:00:58 Gaming Disorder on Official List of Disease
@2:08:27 New Handheld: PlayDate
@2:10:24 GTA6 Rumors Discredited
@2:12:11 Ouya Shutting Down
@2:15:01 Mario Kart Tour
@2:24:25 New Handheld: Evercade
@2:25:51 Disappointing GameBoy Watch
@2:28:06 How Did We Miss Shaq-Fu... Last Year
@2:33:57 Closing, New Stream Time 6:30PM EST

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