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Episode 4

Retro Indie Pixels Podcast - Episode 004: E3 and Release Dates

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Covering plenty of gaming news in modern, retro and indie as well as nice list of new World Records for NES speedrunning. Some unique Kickstarters, Game Deals, and New Retro Games.

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@2:45 Nintendo 3DS Continued Support
@11:26 Changes to National Dex in Pokemon Sword & Shield
@18:43 Zelda Breath of the Wild Sequel 
@28:45 Doom Eternal New Mode, not Traditional Deathmatch
@34:01 Elden Ring, Open World game by Dark Souls Devs
@38:42 Moron Alert, Twitch PR Stunts now Breaking Laws
@43:55 Konami announces TG16 Mini, First 6 games Revealed
@46:42 Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Out Sept 3
@48:34 Dauntless Hits 10 Million Player Mark
@50:14 New Animal Crossing, New Horizons, Releases March 20
@52:24 Witcher 3, Complete Edition, Coming to Switch
@54:19 Epic Games Store, Free Game Every Week of 2019
@56:16 UPlay Plus Subscription Service Announced
@1:01:51 New Commander Keen Game Coming to Androis/iOS
@1:03:58 Final Fantasy VII Release Date CONFIRMED
@1:08:46 Gears 5 Release Date
@1:11:56 NES Speedrun WRs
@1:15:10 Weekly Game Deals
@1:29:03 OWG Explores Indie Games
@1:35:07 Lucas Arts Collector's Editions from Limited Run Games
@1:36:39 Polymega Console
@1:38:26 Trials of Mana Remake, Collection of Mana at eShop
@1:42:26 3rd Sega Genesis/MegaDrive Mini Variant and Different Games
@1:44:53 Intellivision Amico... Looks OK but... WHY?
@1:51:20 More Elden Ring, Requires Horseback Riding
@1:53:08 Another Franchise Ruined, New Battletoads
@2:01:23 Outrun to be Ported to Atari ST
@2:03:42 Small Saga to be Kickstarted
@2:07:07 Mr. Do Conversion for ZX Spectrum
@2:09:35 Another FoxyLand Mention
@2:11:23 Galaga Port for Atari 2600 Looks/Sounds/Feels Amazing
@2:14:37 Early Preview of Looter, new C64 Game
@2:17:37 Another New C64 Game, Tomb Chaser
@2:22:18 New Arcade Game Darkula, Modeled After Older 80s Arcades
@2:24:06 New 3D FPS Engine for Sega Saturn Tested
@2:28:03 Double Sided Games Ready to Launch 2 New Vic20 Games
@2:32:44 Kickstarter: Switchblade
@2:39:32 Kickstarter: Thistledown
@2:44:55 Closing + Channel Host

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