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Episode 5

Retro Indie Pixels Podcast - Episode 005: Incredible Indie Games

Old World Gamer published on

Covering plenty of gaming news in modern, retro and indie as well as nice list of new World Records for NES speedrunning. Some unique Kickstarters, Game Deals, and New Retro Games.

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@1:55 Fortnite Season 10 Graphic Update
@5:52 Test for Halo: Reach Live for Halo Insider Next Week
@9:44 No Season Pass for Gears 5
@14:36 Devil May Cry Switch Release Date
@16:27 EA Tries to Defend Loot Boxes, Fail
@26:22 Apex Legends has Dragons
@27:56 Tifa's Breasts TOO Large, Redesign
@34:45 Monster Hunter: Iceborne Beta Details
@37:24 Mortal Kombat 11 Still on Top
@42:35 Monster Hunter Movie Trailer Leak
@43:50 Dr Mario World
@46:29 Bethesda Wants to Support Fallout 76 Mods
@50:00 Doom Eternal Invasions, End Game
@54:06 Animal Crossing Introduces Region Select
@56:53 Animal Crossing, Resetti Fired?!?!
@59:14 NES Speedrun World Record Weekly Update
@1:01:58 Weekly Game Deals
@1:16:24 OWG Explores Indie Games
@1:24:12 NEW FPGA Powered Genesis Flash Carts Can Play CD Games
@1:27:38 198X by Hi-Bit, Looks Incredible
@1:32:00 Carrion Update
@1:33:32 Endless C64 Runner, Run Demon Run
@1:35:44 RECOMMENDED: Cathedral, Looks Amazing, Huge Map
@1:38:08 M. Kid, Upcoming Amiga Game
@1:40:30 Lost Little Sapceman, Upcoming Game on ZX Spectrum
@1:42:48 Caravan Boomer, Upcoming MXS2 Game
@1:44:23 Aminer, Amiga Arcade Mining Game Gets Update
@1:47:58 Streets of Rogue Leaving Early Access
@1:49:21 Starcraft Remastered Getting Cartton Reskin
@1:50:59 Minit Getting Official C64 Port
@1:53:45 Super Mario Bros Battle Royale Taken Down, Hit by DMCA
@1:55:56 Fallout: New California, New Vegas Mod, One Update Away from Leaving Beta
@1:58:48 Reel Fishing at E3 2019
@2:01:19 Kickstarter: GigaBuster
@2:05:21 Kickstarter: One Gun Guy
@2:07:39 Closing + Channel Host: sYn_stream


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