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Episode 6

Retro Indie Pixels Podcast - Episode 006 - Twitch Trouble: Law Breaking & Sub Streams

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Covering plenty of gaming news in modern, retro and indie as well as nice list of new World Records for NES speedrunning. Some unique Kickstarters, Game Deals, and New Retro Games.

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@1:57 SDK Reviews Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
@31:59 PS5 to Focus on "hardcore" consumer and Triple-A Titles
@40:54 My Friend Pedro Moves 250K Copies in 1 Week
@42:48 Google Stadia Games Will Not be Cheaper Than Console Games
@48:23 Pokemon Masters Info
@52:06 Zelda: Link's Awakening Needed Minimal Changes
@57:45 Dr DisRespect Back, Twitch Fine with Law Breaking Streams
@1:06:21 Blazing Chrome, Like Having a New Contra Game
@1:08:32 Borderlands 3, Main Story Takes 35 Hours to Finish
@1:13:15 NES Speedrun World Record Updates
@1:20:20 OWG Explores Indie Games
@1:39:08 Nintendo Thinking of Expanding Retro Library Beyond NES
@1:42:22 Wind Waker Mod for Banjo-Kazooie, N64 Compatible
@1:44:02 Clu Clu Land Joins Hamster's Arcade Archives Range on Switch
@1:45:27 Play Your n64 on Modern Displays with Super 64 HDMI Adaptor
@1:48:11 Mega Drive Mini JP, Collector's Edition Comes with 22 Tiny Carts
@1:49:57 Sega Not Worried With Overwhelming Audience with Retro Content
@1:51:30 Limited Run Games Releasing Physical NES and GB Star Wars Carts
@1:53:58 Royal Hunt by Bimbarlade, New C64 Game, Why is He Nude?
@1:57:50 Rade Blunner Ep. 2 by Iadvd, New ZX Spectrum Platformer, Needs More Gameplay
@1:59:23 Dice Skater by Geir Straume and Sean Connolly, New Addictive C64 Game
@2:02:02 Cruiser-X 79 by The New Dimension, New C64 Shmup
@2:04:06 128GB PlayStation Classic Retro Console
@2:06:25 Grelox by Sunteam, Beautiful Retro Game for PC, Free to Play!?!
@2:08:35 Minit for C64 and SpectrumNext, Possible Physical Release
@2:10:54 NEW C64 Full Size Release Coming December 2019
@2:14:41 Create Dizzy Games for ZX Spectrum with Dizzy Scripting Engine v1.1.0
@2:16:32 Bonus C64 Game Released with Mancave, Docster's Digger
@2:19:02 Precinct 20: Dead Strange gets Release Date from Psytronik Software
@2:22:23 Pokemon Sword & Shield Dev Understands Drama Over National Dex
@2:24:49 Twitch Allows Subscriber-Only Streams, #OnlyAppreciateYour$$$
@2:30:35 Doom TV Show by Dave & James Franco.... About the Making of the Game
@2:32:01 Tetris Royale, Mobile Tetris 99-like Royale Game
@2:34:42 Bill & Ted 3: Face the Music Cast More Original Movie Characters
@2:35:24 Cyberpunk 2077's Install Size is 80GB on PS4, Minimum
@2:37:35 New Ni No Kuni is in the Works, Level-5 Confirms
@2:38:22 SGDQ Raises over $3Million 
@2:40:58 Blue Protocol, New PC Action-RPG by Bandai Namco
@2:42:31 Gloomhaven gets Early Access Teaser Ahead of Launch
@2:44:37 No Delivery, Procedural Horror RPG, Unsettling Demo
@2:47:04 $80 HDMI Dongle to do Post-Processing for Your GPU?
@2:52:18 Kickstarter: SkateBIRD
@2:56:00 Kickstarter: AWAY
@3:02:23 Kickstarter: Evan's Remains
@3:07:05 Kickstarter: Orange Island
@3:12:35 Closing, Shout Outs & Channel Host: PoisonCurls

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