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Episode 11

Retro Indie Pixels Podcast - Episode 011: Interview, Too Much News & Games, Hefty Podcast

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Covering plenty of gaming news in Retro, Indie and some Modern as well as nice list of new World Records for NES speedrunning,  some unique Kickstarters and New Retro Games.

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@1:09 Indie Dev Interview: Tales Art Studio, Game: Kumo
@15:15 Walmart Not Advertising Violent Games, Still Carrying Guns for Purchase
@29:59 Class-Action Lawsuit Against Epic Games & Fortnite Security Breach
@38:43 Discord Go Live Allows for Private Streaming
@43:22 Goodbye to Tales Art Studio
@43:53 Capcom Extends Secret Resident Evil Test to US
@45:32 Remake of XIII Delayed Until 2020
@47:07 HyperLight Drifter & Mutant Year Zero, Next Free Games at Epic Store
@48:58 Still There, Sci-Fi Story About Managing Space Station Alone
@51:32 Valve Stopping Steam Release Date Abuse
@54:26 Next Pokemon Community Day Info, Sept 15
@55:31 Developers Required to Disclose Odds of Paid Loot Boxes
@1:00:46 Pokemon Sword & Shield, Pokemon Can Complete Poke Jobs
@1:03:36 Pokemon Sword & Shield, New Rivals & Galarian Forms
@1:07:29 Rocket League, Getting Rid of Loot Boxes
@1:09:40 Final Fantasy 7 Remake, New Concept Art & Screenshot
@1:14:51 Borderlands 3, Latest Character Video, **Most of the Article Lost**
@1:15:27 Epic Games Stands Against Abuse to Ooblets Developer
@1:21:12 Tekken 7, Adding New Fighter Leroy Smith and Zafina Returns
@1:23:45 Super Smash Bros Ultimate Breaks EVO 2019 Viewership Record
@1:28:00 Riot Games, Fighting Game in the Works?
@1:36:41 New Switch Model, Runs for 5.5 Hours
@1:39:50 King of Fighters 15 in Development
@1:41:31 Soul Caliber 6, Closes Season 1 w/ Cassandra, 2nd Season to Feature Haohmaru
@1:46:28 OWG Explores Indie Games
We Recommend:
-Stone Story RPG
-Subdivision Infinity DX
-Knightin' +

@2:03:31 Melkhior's Mansion by Richard Jordan, for ZX Spectrum
@2:06:57 Head Over Heels Remake, for Steam
@2:09:49 Black Dawn Rebirth by Double Sided Games, for Amiga
@2:12:15 Soul Force by Sarah Jane Avory, for the C64
@2:15:04 Ninjferatu by Amiten Software, for Amiga
@2:16:39 Vegetables Deluxe by Double Sided Games, for the C64
@2:17:56 Tiny Little Slug by Slamy & XplrA, for Amiga
@2:21:27 Galagon Upcoming Port for Atari 2600, Allows 2 Players Co-op
@2:24:30 Serious Duke 3D, Remake of First Episode of Duke Nukem 3D
@2:28:52 New Nintendo Switch Models May Have Better Screen
@2:31:23 Space Harrier & Puyo Puyo Coming To Switch Via Sega Ages
@2:33:55 Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD Gameplay Trailer
@2:36:00 Activision Wants to Remaster Other Franchises
@2:38:41 Kickstarter for Nintendo Switch Dock
@2:41:31 Mario Maker 2, Someone Made 1st Person Adventure Game
@2:46:26 Nintendo Switch Online, Free NES Games for August Revealed
@2:48:09 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Sales Reach Almost 4 Million
@2:50:19 New Neo Geo Mini Bundle
@2:54:28 Children of Morta Gets Official Release Date
@2:58:23 TG16 Mini Adds 7 More Games to Complete Lineup
@3:00:20 Bite the Bullet, Mega Cat Studios Does it Again
@3:04:28 8BitDo SN30 Pro Plus, Switch and PC Controller, Has Macro Ability
@3:12:01 Indie Game: The Sojourn
@3:14:00 Indie Game: Fields of Mistria
@3:16:19 Indie Game: Ayo the Clown
@3:18:56 Indie Game: Cris Tales
@3:20:44 Kickstarter: Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
@3:23:21 Kickstarter: To The Rescue
@3:27:36 Kickstarter: Vivid
@3:31:32 Kickstarter: Blazing Strike
@3:36:49 Kickstarter: Hourglass
@3:40:54 Closing, Shout Outs & Channel Host: DPWhale


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