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Episode 14

Retro Indie Pixels Podcast - Episode 014: Indie Savior, Guest Host Six

Old World Gamer published on

Covering plenty of gaming news in Retro, Indie and some Modern as well as nice list of new World Records for NES speedrunning,  some unique Kickstarters and New Retro Games.

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@1:20 Love Hulten's Portable Retro Gaming Console
@8:38 C64: Bomb Jack DX Overhaul
@11:51 Adventuron CaveJam and Game List
@14:49 SMS: Alex Kidd 3 Curse in Miracle World RECOMMENDED
@17:22 Indie Game: Knightin+ by Muzt Die Studios RECOMMENDED
@20:25 NES: Project Blue Coming to Kickstarter RECOMMENDED
@24:35 Knight Orc BBC Micro/Master Version Recovered
@27:36 Indie Game: Remote Life, New PC Shmup
@29:46 Soul Force Update RECOMMENDED
@32:25 Amiga: Miky's Land, Endless Runner
@39:33 OWG Explores Indie Games
We Recommend:
-Code Vein
-Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout
-Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid
-Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX

@54:13 Indie Game: Applewood
@57:40 Indie Game: Freedom Finger
@1:00:20 Indie Game: Wizard Battle
@1:00:58 Switch: Rest in Pieces
@1:01:49 Indie Game: Queen's Wish: The Conquerer
@1:05:34 Indie Game: A Legionary's Life
@1:06:55 Indie Game: Danger Crew
@1:08:11 Fight N' Rage Out for XBOX One and Switch RECOMMENDED
@1:10:13 XBOX Game Pass Adding 13 New Games
@1:11:31 Indie Game: Endling by HandyGames
@1:14:38 Kickstarter: This Dead Winter 
@1:19:28 Kickstarter: Savior PICK OF THE WEEK
@1:26:30 Kickstarter: Wheel of Fate
@1:29:54 Kickstarter: Worldline
@1:32:24 Kickstarter: Cricket: From the Stars
@1:35:29 Kickstarter: Potion Paws
@1:38:30 Closing, Shout Outs & Channel Host: sYn_stream


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