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Episode 16

Retro Indie Pixels Podcast - Episode 016: Pixel Action & More Amiga

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Covering plenty of gaming news in Retro, Indie and some Modern and we will be featuring Kickstarters and New Retro & Indie Games. 

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@1:56 Blitzchung's Suspension
@8:36 Street Fighter 5 Not Dead
@13:51 Scariest Halloween Mask
@16:44 Apple Selling XB1 Controller Through Online Store
@19:25 Steam Making Local Co-op into Online Co-op
@24:31 Rocket League Halloween Event
@26:15 Xbox Coporate VP, Mike Ybarra, Leaving Microsoft
@28:27 Sony Patent for New VR Device
@32:31 Doom Eternal Pushed Back Until March
@36:04 One Punch Man Fighting Game
@39:47 Overwatch Adult Novel About Efi Oladele
@44:43 Brain Training Game Coming to Switch
@47:41 Borderlands 3 Anniversary Event Dates
@51:33 Stardew Valley "Everything" Update
@55:45 OWG Explores Indie Games
We Recommend:
-Yooka Laylee and The Impossible Layer
-Whispers of a Machine
-Biolab Wars
-Space Komandirovka

@1:11:53 Soul Force Update RECOMMENDED
@1:15:34 Amiga: Rygar AGA Conversion RECOMMENDED
@1:19:03 ZX Spectrum: Bruce Lee RX
@1:23:05 Amiga: Hyperborea Update
@1:25:24 Indie: Remote Life
@1:27:07 Amiga: Gold Rush! ReLaunch RECOMMENDED
@1:30:27 Amstrad: Ghosts n Goblins Overhaul
@1:32:50 Indie: Sabotage
@1:34:31 Indie: Cecconoid RECOMMENDED
@1:36:55 Amiga: Magazyn
@1:38:59 C64: Bubble Mania
@1:40:38 Atari XL/XE: Jet Set Willy 2019
@1:42:33 Indie: Yes, Your Grace RECOMMENDED
@1:45:29 Indie: What the Golf?
@1:48:30 Indie: Worse Than Death RECOMMENDED
@1:51:32 Indie: Flotsam 
@1:54:04 Indie: Heckle Dungeon RECOMMENDED
@1:57:07 Indie: Table Manners
@1:59:21 Indie: The Machine That Breathes RECOMMENDED
@2:01:02 Indie: Infini
@2:02:02 Indie: Woven
@2:03:29 Indie: Blasphemous PICK OF THE WEEK
@2:05:36 Indie: Aquacreep
@2:08:08 Indie: Love Esquire 
@2:10:33 Indie: Assemble With Care
@2:13:21 Kickstarter: Fallen Angel RECOMMENDED
@2:17:25 Kickstarter: Naima's Melody RECOMMENDED
@2:20:27 Kickstarter: Outstation
@2:23:09 Kickstarter: Beyond the Underworld
@2:25:52 Kickstarter: Metal Mind RECOMMENDED
@2:29:20 Kickstarter: Below the Stone 
@2:33:14 Kickstarter: Demons of Asteborg RECOMMENDED
@2:37:34 Closing, Shout Outs & Channel Host: LookinToad


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