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Episode 18

Retro Indie Pixels Podcast - Episode 018: Fill Up on Indie Chicken

Old World Gamer published on

Covering plenty of gaming news in Retro, Indie and some Modern and we will be featuring Kickstarters and New Retro & Indie Games. 

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@2:02 New Free Games on Epic Store
@4:38 Pokemon Card Sells for $195k
@9:48 Pokemon GO League Coming Early 2020
@14:02 Future Borderlands 3 Updates
@24:08 More Google Stadia Flubs, 1st Party Comes Last
@31:02 Cyberpunk 2077 Could sell 20 Million in 1 Year??
@37:22 Gaps in Blizzcon 2019 Schedule, D4? OW2?
@42:58 Dark Siders Genesis Release Date Set, Feb 14, 2020
@44:59 MTG Pro Player Won't Face Bans for HK Support
@50:05 Humble Monthly Changing to Humble Choice
@57:06 Panzer Dragoon: Remake Coming Later This Year
@1:00:07 Carrion Gets Free Demo on Steam
@1:03:38 Rise of the Slime Deckbuilder Game
@1:07:28 Mike Ybarra Joining Blizzard
@1:11:55 Colonel Sanders Dating Sim One of Steams Biggest Releases in Sept
@1:16:55 Mega Cat Studios, Why OWG Loves Them
@1:26:40 Analogue, Why OWG Loves Them
@1:32:50 OWG Steam Queue
- MO: Astray 
- Rising Hell
- Sky Racket
- Mable & The Wood
- Viola

@1:50:50 C64: Eye of the Beholder, Port Preview
@1:54:03 ZX Spectrum: Mage Rage Released
@1:56:00 C64: Stoker, Great Animation, Next Big Release?
@1:58:52 NES/ZX Spectrum/Amstrad: CHE-MAN by The Mojon Twins
@2:01:22 Atari XL/XE: Moon Patrol Redux
@2:04:10 ZX Spectrum: Astro Blaster
@2:07:27 ZX Spectrum: Donkey Kong Arcade Color Fix
@2:09:49 Amiga: Rotator 
@2:11:51 Atari ST: Rodney vs Kfc, WIP
@2:16:36 C64: Frostbite
@2:18:18 Amiga: AQUABYSS, New Screenshots
@2:20:10 Windows: Max Downforce
@2:23:15 PC: Chuckie Egg, Remake
@2:24:51 Indie: Unto The End RECOMMEND
@2:27:44 Indie: FAITH
@2:33:42 Indie: Profane
@2:37:39 Indie: Colloc
@2:38:43 Indie: 1984 Rewind
@2:39:31 Indie: Beyond Senses
@2:41:14 Indie: Sunset Road
@2:42:09 Indie: Hypochondrinomicon RECOMMEND
@2:44:12 Indie: Super Lesbian Animal RPG RECOMMEND
@2:51:46 Apple Arcades 5 Newest Games
-Fallen Knight
-Tales of Memo

@2:56:57 Indie: The Drifter PICK OF THE WEEK
@2:58:35 Kickstarter: Book of Travels RECOMMEND
@3:11:48 Closing, Shout Outs & Channel Host: Remanuzo


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