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Episode 20

Retro Indie Pixels Podcast - Episode 020: High Recommendations

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Covering plenty of gaming news in Retro, Indie and some Modern and we will be featuring Kickstarters and New Retro & Indie Games. 

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@2:05 The Messenger FREE on Epic Store
@5:48 2019 Game Awards Paired with Jumanji Movie
@12:04 Google Stadia Becoming Hotter Garbage
@22:21 Google Stadia Talk Banned from Podcast LOL
@27:21 Witcher Netflix Series Getting 2nd Season
@29:35 Tyson Hesse of Sonic Mania Fixes Movie Sonic
@35:35 Minecraft Earth Early Access Availability
@38:50 Overwatch Dr. Ziegler Skin
@40:25 Steam's Discoverability Updates Make a Difference
@44:43 Epic Games Acquires Quixel
@49:11 Wattam, Next Game from Maker of Katamari
@52:51 New Youtube Terms, Terminate a Channel if Not Commercially Viable
@1:08:31 Future Pokemon Games will Feature Reduced Pokedex
@1:16:23 Borderlands 3 Hotfix for Captain Haunt & Bloody Harvest Drops
@1:19:02 Pokemon Sword & Shield: 1st Day Info
@1:26:49 BIG Stardew Valley Content Update
@1:29:33 Echo Fox Gone
@1:37:21  OWG Steam Queue
-Devil Slayer: Raksasi
-The TakeOver

@1:49:15 Amiga: Fix-It Felix Jr RECOMMENDED
@1:53:54 C64: Eye of the Beholder Intro
@1:57:05 Indie: Gangsters 1920 RECOMMENDED
@1:59:42 Indie: Cursed Roots
@2:01:45 Amiga: M.KID
@2:06:13 C64: Space Orbs RECOMMENDED
@2:11:01 Amiga: The Ninja Zombie Killer
@2:15:24 C64: Bruce Duology Mention
@2:16:24 C64: Alien 8
@2:19:48 Amiga: R.E.R.O. RECOMMENDED
@2:23:14 C64: Frostbite Released
@2:24:07 Amstrad: Miss Input RECOMMENDED
@2:28:54 Intellivision: Prince of Persion Conversion RECOMMENDED
@2:32:00 NES: Alley Cat RECOMMENDED
@2:35:05 ZX Spectrum: The Curse of Trasmoz RECOMMENDED
@2:37:49 Amiga/Windows: Blastaway
@2:40:24 MSX: Uchusen Gamma
@2:42:46 Indie: Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove Release Date RECOMMENDED
@2:45:22 Indie: Backbone RECOMMENDED
@2:48:00 Mobile: Spring Falls 
@2:50:22 Indie: Eldest Souls RECOMMENDED
@2:52:41 Indie: Garden Story RECOMMENDED
@2:55:24 Indie: The Falconeer RECOMMENDED NOTE: Also on PC
@2:58:20 RIP Flub, Vertebreaker Kickstarter Actually Cancelled
@3:01:10 Switch: Jamestown RECOMMENDED
@3:05:05 Indie: Bite the Bullet RECOMMENDED
@3:07:10 Indie: Tales of Treachery 
@3:08:09 Indie: Snowdown
@3:10:10 Indie: Curse of the Sea Rats RECOMMENDED
@3:13:43 Indie: Rotato Cube
@3:14:46 Indie: Beekeeper
@3:16:41 Indie: Little Briar Rose RECOMMENDED
@3:18:10 Indie: Pollyroll 
@3:19:43 Indie: Afterparty
@3:22:05 Indie: Wonder Parade
@3:23:45 Indie: Alchemy Garden
@3:25:50 Indie: Snow
@3:27:04 Indie: Sokbots
@3:28:42 Indie: Pocketon Peak RECOMMENDED
@3:33:41 Indie: Like Gulls Crying at the Dawn
@3:35:36 Indie: The World Has Been Sad Since Tuesday
@3:37:33 Indie: Au Fil de L'Eau
@3:39:08 Indie: Spooky Station RECOMMENDED
@3:41:27 Indie: Burning Knight RECOMMENDED
@3:43:02 Indie: Silver Chains
@3:44:50 Indie: Cardpocalypse
@3:46:54 Indie: Moment to Midnight
@3:47:59 Indie: Cat Lady 
@3:49:18 Indie: Roof Rage RECOMMENDED
@3:51:12 Kicktsrater: Vertebreaker (CANCELED)(BRING IT BACK)
@3:51:49 Kickstarter: Terraform 
@3:53:49 Kickstarter: Alwa's Legacy PICK OF THE WEEK
@3:57:30 Closing, Shout Outs & Channel Host: Sixsevsairis


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