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Episode 24

Retro Indie Pixels Podcast - Episode 024: OWG Presents Awesome Games

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Covering plenty of gaming news in Retro, Indie and some Modern and we will be featuring Kickstarters and New Retro & Indie Games. 

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@1:46 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remaster Delayed
@6:12 Overwatch Winter Wonderland Event
@9:45 Streets of Rage 4 Character Adam Hunter
@12:52 Dauntless Released for Switch
@14:45 Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cover Confirms 1 Year Exclusivity
@20:38 New Bioshock in the Works
@23:12 Bayonetta & Vanquish Bundle Coming to PS4 and XBox1
@25:00 Rocket League Blueprints Prices Lowered, Not Good Enough
@33:57 Ryan Reynolds in New Video Game Styled Movie
@36:30 How to Get 10 Free Nintendo Switch Games Before Xmas
@40:58 Nintendo Switch EShop Sale for Game Awards 2019
@43:50 New SNES/NES Games for December Now Available 
@45:29 Tetris 99 Update
@52:23 Doom and Doom 2 Console Ports Getting Free DLC
@57:40 This Weeks Free Game from Epic is The Escapists
@1:00:00 OWG Steam Queue
-They Are Billions
-Iratus: Lord of the Dead
-Dawn of Man
-Kingdom: Two Crowns

-Flynn: Son of Crimson
-Demoniaca: Everlasting Night
-Battle Princess Madelyn
-Blaster Master Zero 2
-Savage: The Shard of Gosen
-Cyber Shadow PICK OF THE WEEK
-Hollow Knight: Silksong
-Gravity Circuit

@1:48:38 Indie: The Fertile Crescent, RTS/City Building
@1:50:00 C64: Santron, Shmup
@1:53:17 Atari XL/XE: Monty on the Run
@1:57:54 Double Sided Games Announces 3 New Games for 2020
-Don't Break the Balls, Puzzle-Action
-Super Metal Hero, Action Platformer/Shooter with Shmup Levels
-Hired Sword II, Top-Down RPG
@2:01:01 Atari XL/XE: Star Vagrant, Space Trading
@2:05:52 Indie: Haunted Lands
@2:09:40 ZX Spectrum: Space Monster Meet The Hardy, Platformer
@2:12:30 ZX Spectrum: Just a Gal, Motorbike Racing
@2:15:53 ZX Spectrum: Hunt Buck/Nuclear Defense, Action Platformer
@2:19:03 ZX Spectrum: Valley of Ruins, Run and Gun
@2:23:21 ZX Spectrum: Yazzie, Arcade Platformer
@2:25:45 ZX Spectrum: Drift!, Car Drifting
@2:30:42 Indie: Hades, Isometric Action/Adventure RECOMMENDED
@2:32:52 TwinBee Coming to Nintendo Switch
@2:36:06 Final Fantasy VII Vinyl Soundtrack Pre-Orders Live
@2:38:12 Anno 1800 Free to Play til December 18
@2:39:45 Predator: Hunting Grounds Coming April 24, PS4 and PC RECOMMENDED
@2:42:06 Babylon's Fall New Trailer
@2:45:08 Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove Update Staggered for Legacy
@2:47:05 Indie: Axiom Verge 2 Announcement Trailer RECOMMENDED
@2:49:42 Indie: Sports Story RECOMMENDED
@2:51:41 Indie: Ghosts of Tomorrow
@2:53:17 Indie: Toripon
@2:56:00 Indie: Cover Your Eyes
@2:58:48 Indie: Akumanor Escape DX RECOMMENDED
@2:59:54 Indie: Resolutiion RECOMMENDED
@3:00:55 Indie: Feels 
@3:04:31 Indie: The Sapling
@3:05:55 Indie: Gray Dawn
@3:07:43 Indie: Crumbling World
@3:09:02 Indie: Nine Witches 
@3:11:14 Indie: SuperEpic: The Entertainment War RECOMMENDED
@3:13:57 Indie: Village Monsters RECOMMENDED
@3:16:43 Indie: My Friend is a Raven
@3:19:10  Closing, Shout Outs & Channel RAID: DigiDude22




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