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Episode 27

Retro Indie Pixels Podcast - Episode 027: Weird Steam Queue

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Covering plenty of gaming news in Retro, Indie and some Modern and we will be featuring Kickstarters and New Retro & Indie Games.

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@3:21 Pokemon Sword/Shield Expansion Pass
@28:05 Doom and Doom 2 New Update
@35:40 Pokemon Home Launches Next Month
@39:30 Magic: Legends Gameplay Diablo-like
@43:53 New Nintendo Switch Model
@46:11 Overwatch 2 Leak, Coming This Year?
@50:55 Super Mario Maker 2, Now Upload 100 Levels
@53:11 Ni No Kuni English Dub Coming to Netflix
@55:00 Untitled Goose Game Sells 1 Million Copies
@57:15 Steam Allows OSTs Purchase Without Game
@1:05:16 Doki Doki Literature Club New Content
@1:10:03 Arcade1Up NBA Jam with Online Multiplayer
@1:16:15 Capcom Says RE3 WILL Release in April
@1:19:05 Nintendo Game Sale Does Have 1st Party
@1:21:44 2 Players Beat Mike Tysons Punch Out Blindfolded

@1:26:30 OWG Steam Queue
Weird Steam Queue, Had Mostly Non-English Games Show Up

@1:35:39 OWG Brings More RECOMMENDED Games
-Mana Spark
-Skul: The Hero Slayer

@1:48:24 C64: LEAP! Upcoming Shmup
@1:51:39 Indie: Crystal Story Awakening RECOMMENDED
@1:55:34 Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2020 Has Started
@1:56:35 C64: SEUCK Submission - Guillotine
@1:59:49 ZX Spectrum: Parachute, Game and Watch Port
@2:01:35 ZX Spectrum: MB03+ Ultimate
@2:06:55 Amiga: Matchic, Pre-Orders for CE Box Set Jan 18
@2:08:38 SMS: A Sorceress Vacation, Alex Kidd Conversion
@2:10:49 Amstrad: Alhambra Tales, WIP Platformer
@2:12:14 PC: Space Quest II VGA Remake V2.0
@2:13:51 Amiga: Rotator, Pre-Orders for CIB Jan 18
@2:15:42 C64: Shadow Over Hawksmill, Pre-Orders Jan 18
@2:16:25 VIC-20: Realms of Quest Quadrilogy Collection
@2:18:05 C64: MARS, Pre-Orders for CIB Jan 18
@2:18:56 PC: Indiana Jones and the Relic of the Viking
@2:20:15 Indie: Exit the Gungeon Coming to PC and Consoles
@2:23:04 Indie: Forgotten Sea
@2:25:32 Indie: Vestaria Saga RECOMMENDED
@2:29:17 Indie: Sky Wolf
@2:31:39 Indie: The Longest Road on Earth RECOMMENDED
@2:35:05 Kickstarter: Hit with Copyright from 3rd Party Composer
@2:42:00 Closing, Shout Outs & Channel RAID: ButtNeighbor




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