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Episode 32

Retro Indie Pixels Podcast - Episode 032: Steamless Episode

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Covering game news in Retro, Indie and Modern and we will be featuring Kickstarters and New Retro & Indie Games. Podcast can be watched LIVE every Thursday at 630-7PM EST at


@2:50 Pokemon of the Year
@8:20 Mewtew/Gen 1 Starters Raid Battles
@12:40 Steam Search Filters Upgrade
@15:20 Square Enix Non Exclusive
@18:35 Diablo 4 Controller & Binding Support
@28:00 Wonderful 101 to Release May 19
@32:08 RIP Kazuhisa Hashimoto, Konami Code Creator
@36:35 One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows Teasers
@41:10 Streets of Rage 4 Online Co-op
@44:18 Xbox Series X Targeted at 12 Teraflops
@52:12 Borderlands 3 Launches on Steam March 13
@56:00 Granblue Fantasy: Versus Coming March 13 on Steam
@1:00:45 Golf With Your Friends Coming to Switch
@1:04:09 GOGs New 30-Day Refund Policy
@1:09:56 Doom 1, 2, 3 for $6 on Switch


@1:14:35 PC: FreeCiv 2.6.2 Bug Fix Release
@1:17:38 PC: OpenRCT2 0.2.4, Roller Coaster Tycoon
@1:20:46 PC: Altered Beast Fan Re-Release RECOMMENDED
@1:27:28 C64: Vega
@1:31:31 C64: Drunken Cupsticks
@1:35:17 Amiga: DOOM
@1:38:18 ZX Spectrum: Melkhior's Mansion GAME OF THE WEEK
@1:46:10 Indie: Hazel Sky
@1:49:46 Indie: Knights of Light
@1:54:00 No Man's Sky, Worth a Return?
@1:57:18 Indie: Maquette RECOMMENDED
@2:01:15 Stardew Valley 1.5
@2:04:18 Indie: World of Horror RECOMMENDED
@2:06:09 Indie: Disc Room RECOMMENDED
@2:08:20 Indie: A Street Cat's Tale RECOMMENDED
@2:10:44 Sabotage Studios Revealing New Title
@2:13:20 Indie: Project AETHER
@2:17:33 Indie: Fairy House RECOMMENDED
@2:20:17 Indie: Super Hiking League RECOMMENDED
@2:24:52 Indie: Haunted PS1 Demodisk 2020
@2:28:00 Indie: Wavey the Rocket RECOMMENDED
@2:30:17 Indie: The Unholy Society
@2:33:10 Indie: Stilt Fella RECOMMENDED
@2:35:27 Indie: Among Ripples: Shallow Waters
@2:38:44 Indie: Hive Time
@2:40:23 Indie: Void Breach RECOMMENDED
@2:43:15 Indie: Ballistic Craft
@2:45:15 Closing, Shout Outs & Channel RAID: 8BitRainDroppss




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