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Episode 36

Retro Indie Pixels Podcast - Episode 036: Impressive Kickstarters

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Covering game news in Retro, Indie and Modern and we will be featuring Kickstarters and New Retro & Indie Games. Podcast can be watched LIVE every Thursday at 630-7PM EST at

@1:51 Pokemon Go Battle League News
@5:06 Epic Game Store Freebies
@8:14 Animal Crossing High Sales
@12:10 PS5 COntroller First Look
@20:10 Borderlands Science
@25:09 Steam Breaks Concurrent User Record
@28:04 One Punch Man Game Adds DLC
@30:29 Overwatch Adding Echo and Hero Pools Streamlined
@35:14 Pokemon S&S Rank Glitch Leads to Bans
@40:59 Gears of War 5 Free for Weekend
@43:32 Dragon Marked for Death RECOMMENDED
@49:19 ESA Abandons Digital E3 2020 Event
@53:15 Resident Evil 3 Board Game Kickstarter Coming
@57:10 Legends of Runeterra Out April 30
@1:07:34 Streets of Rage 4 Updates

@1:11:50 Best of Steam ALL RECOMMENDED
-Neon Abyss
-Gestalt: Steam and Cinder
-Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos
-Himno: The Silent Melody
-Jet Lancer
-Karma City Police
-Treachery in Beatdown City

@1:36:05 ZX Spectrum: Tokimal
@1:38:40 PC: Ninja Commando 2
@1:40:49 Amiga: Boss Machine
@1:43:16 ZX Spectrum: Jungle Queen
@1:45:53 Amiga: Lala Prologue
@1:47:13 C64: Soul Force Update
@1:49:14 Indie: Dinosaur Fossil Hunter
@1:50:47 PS4 Indie: CloudPunk RECOMMENDED
@1:52:37 Indie: Mortal Shell RECOMMENDED
@1:55:05 Stardew Valley 1.5 Update
@1:57:30 Rogue Legacy 2 Tease RECOMMENDED
@2:01:07 Indie: Witchbrook Gets New Art Style RECOMMENDED
@2:02:43 Indie: Ponpu RECOMMENDED
@2:04:42 Indie: Hayfever
@2:06:14 Indie: Corpse Castle
@2:08:00 Kickstarter: Trophy (Completed) RECOMMENDED
@2:12:47 Kickstarter: Sword of the Necromancer RECOMMENDED
@2:18:19 Kickstarter: 9 Years of Shadows RECOMMENDED
@2:28:10 Kickstarter: Holmgang
@2:32:44 Kickstarter: Jeffrey Wittenhagen's Black Box Challenge RECOMMENDED
@2:37:05 Kickstarter: Mystiqa RECOMMENDED
@2:39:55 Closing, Shout Outs & Twitch RAID: Faust4712



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