Retro Indie Pixels
Episode 43

Retro Indie Pixels Podcast - Episode 043: Odds and Ends

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Covering game news in Retro, Indie and Modern and we will be featuring Kickstarters and New Retro & Indie Games. Podcast can be watched LIVE every Thursday at 630-7PM EST at


@2:10 Epic Game Store Free Game
@4:51 Valorant is Live
@13:23 Pokemon Expansion Release
@19:05 Epic Game Store on Mobile?
@25:54 Borderlands Movie, Who WIll Play Lilith
@31:24 Sonic Movie Sequel
@35:06 Power Rangers Fully Cross-Platform
@39:11 Stadia Does it Again
@45:02 Slay the Spire on Mobile
@47:40 Sakurai Stops Tweeting
@53:40 Namco Museum Archives Leak
@57:24 Dead Cells on Android
@59:40 Switch Game Trays
@1:02:27 The Escapist Indie Showcase

@1:06:37 Best of Steam ALL RECOMMENDED
-Travellers Rest
-Rune The First Wanderer 
-Hunter of the Disowned
-Foxy's Adventure

@1:20:24 PC: Sleeping Menace
@1:22:16 PC: Out Run Remake
@1:24:55 Pico-8: Ramps
@1:26:14 C64: Boulder Dash Jr
@1:29:22 C64: Storm Chase
@1:31:49 PC: Sonic 3D in 2D PICK OF THE WEEK
@1:34:34 Unreleased Days of Thunder NES Recovered
@1:38:38 Sega Game Gear Micro
@1:43:26 Samurai Showdown Shockbox Edition
@1:46:18 Kickstarter: The Five Gods of Kung-Fu

@1:51:40 Closing, Shout Outs & Twitch RAID: SuperPitFro


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