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Episode 54

Retro Indie Pixels Podcast - Episode 054: We Back with Best of Steam

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Covering game news in Retro, Indie and Modern and we will be featuring Kickstarters and New Retro & Indie Games. Podcast can be watched LIVE every Thursday at 630-7PM EST at


@4:10 Epic Game Store Free Game 1
@6:20 Epic Game Store Free Game 2
@8:40 PS5 Will Have Day 1 Streaming
@14:18 All Mojang Games to Require Micorsoft Account
@20:41 PS5 Trophies Will Have Cosmetics
@25:20 Blizzard Stopping StarCraft 2 Development
@31:00 Stream Genshin Mondstadt OST
@37:37 PS5 Fan Getting Patches
@45:38 Digimon Survive Delayed
@49:25 XBOX Wild Claims with Bethesda
@57:45 PS5 Voice Chat Clarifications
@1:05:00 Kirby Fighters 2 Demo
@1:11:25 Epic Halloween Sale
@1:14:10 Rambo Joins MK11
@1:18:25 Twitch VOD DMCA Crackdown
@1:27:00 Guilty Gear Strive Redefines Rank Mode

@1:34:30 Best of Steam ALL RECOMMENDED
-Redd's Runaway
-Bouncer Story
-The Count of Monte Carlo
-Warlock Bentspine - Toilet Edition
-Depths of Sanity
-Unreal Life
-Aeon Drive
-Gods of Sand
-Bunny Hill

@2:08:05 ZX Spectrum: Red Raid
@2:10:10 Intellivision: Fantasy Puzzle Deluxe Edition
@2:12:22 PC: House
@2:13:51 Dreadstar Gets Steam Release
@2:15:03 C64: The Wild Wood
@2:17:30 Amiga: Super Metal Hero
@2:18:55 C64: Survival Messenger Adventure
@2:22:07 Darkest Dungeon 2 Using Epic for Early Access
@2:25:15 Next Pac-Man Game is Mega Tunnel Battle... on Stadia
@2:28:35 Unlock Luigi in Super Mario Bros 35
@2:30:40 Stardew Valley Getting Split-Screen Co-op
@2:32:20 Analogue Duo Brings TG16/PC Engine Back

NONE this Week, Twitter Feed, Recommended People to Follow

@2:36:30 Kickstarter: Eagle Knight Paradox
@2:42:45 Kickstarter: Sunshine Manor
@2:48:36 Kickstarter: Breakwaters
@2:54:25 Kickstarter: Chiaroscuro

@3:01:45  Closing, Shout Outs & Twitch RAID: Toad22484




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