Retro Rollercoaster

Retro Rollercoaster Episode 1 (Part 2) - 90's Are the New 80's

Brandon D published on

One podcast just wasn't enough to cover the new 90s wave overtaking the retro scene.  So, we had to split the podcast into 2 full length episodes!!!  In this episode we'll be going over arguably the two BIGGEST events from 2017 that tickle your 90s nostalgia - The IT movie revival and the SNES classic!!  Almost everyone has fond memories of their first time eating koopa shells with Yoshi in Super Mario World, pulling The Master Sword from its place of rest in A Link to the Past, or 8 directional whipping your way through Dracula's Castle in Super Castlevania IV.  And, Pennywise The Dancing Clown stood toe to toe with Freddy, Michael, and Jason in terms of scaring the daylights out of a generation of kids in the early 90s.  The hype around these is unprecendeted and there will be droves of people out to get the SNES Classic and to be terrified by IT, in theaters for the first time!  Come take the plunge with us!!!

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