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God Hears our Prayers (Daniel 10:12-11:1)

Mark Fontecchio published on

Jerusalem was in a state of disrepair. Work on rebuilding the Temple of God by the Hebrew people had already come to a standstill. The Prophet Daniel mourned the present condition that the people of God found themselves in. This faithful servant turned to God in prayer, leaving us with a remarkable example and tremendous insight into the battles of the angelic realm.

Daniel 10 pulls back the curtain to reveal a scene that is unlike any other recorded text in the Word of God. Angels fought with the forces of darkness for positions of influence with the kings that would rule over the people of God. Daniel himself was overtaken by this final vision.

Bible Teacher Mark Fontecchio tackles Daniel 10:12-11:1 and unfolds the principles from this remarkable text for believers today. Come grow in your faith and knowledge of the book of Daniel. Teaching God's Word and advancing the message of His amazing grace one verse at a time. Visit our ministry at

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