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Sin Comes from Within (James 1:9-16)

Mark Fontecchio published on

The Church at Jerusalem had been forced to scatter. Persecution had arisen. James, a key leader of the Church, was used by God to write this early letter to the Jewish Christians.

How were these believers to respond to the trials they faced? Christians were instructed to look to the riches we have in Christ. We should glory in the position that we have been exalted to as children of God. James again reminds us that the trials of life are opportunities under God’s grace for growth in our faith and our walk with Christ. In these trials the temptation often comes to sin. God is not the one tempting us to sin because sin comes from within.

Bible Teacher Mark Fontecchio tackles James 1:9-16 and unfolds the principles from this remarkable text for believers today. Come grow in your faith and knowledge of the book of James. Teaching God's Word and advancing the message of His amazing grace one verse at a time. Visit our ministry at

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