Rise of Humanity

Episode 28

Conquer The Chaos - Kerry Thomas

RiseWithChris published on

In this episode of Rise of Humanity, I talk all about clutter with professional organizer Kerry Thomas.

Kerry does great work with small business owners and busy professionals helping them to streamline, optimize and organize their environments for higher productivity and peace of mind.

Clutter is often seen solely as physical clutter, but Kerry takes the understanding to a whole new level, defining clutter simply as postponed decisions.

Kerry gave a fantastic TED Talk back in 2017 taking a deep dive into the meaning and different types of clutter, which she breaks down into four main categories: Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

We talk in detail about the real underlying reasons behind clutter and Kerry shares great advice on how to go about correcting these for greater freedom and peace.

You can check out Kerry’s TED talk here – https://youtu.be/CrsdoIOGCRw

And find out more about her company at – www.ctcorganizing.com

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