Rise of Humanity

Episode 36

Creating a Harmonious World - M.J. Robertson

RiseWithChris published on

In this episode of Rise of Humanity I have an awesome talk with Molly Jayne Robertson all about the ascension of humanity and the new world that is emerging before our eyes. Molly is the founder of All To Love, a spiritual lifestyle brand and movement dedicated to its mission of helping people and humanity collectively to live from a place of love, freedom, fearlessness and abundance.

Molly shares an abundance of awesome insight and wisdom into how people can empower and balance themselves within the chaos and overwhelm that is so prevalent today, so they can create the life and impact they truly desire and deserve.

We talk about…

Processing emotions and working through emotional storms
The power of meditation for finding peace and balance
The future of humanity and how to position yourself in the current shift that is taking place
Unplugging from the media and external stimuli to create a new reality

And much, much more!

This is a truly uplifting and exciting talk that comes highly recommended for anyone looking to play a bigger part in the rise of humanity!

Be sure to check MJ’s work at www.alltolove.com

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