Rise of Humanity

Episode 25

Developing Your Spiritual Gifts - Brandie Chrisman

RiseWithChris published on

In this episode of Rise of Humanity I talk with medium and mom entrepreneur Brandie Chrisman.

Brandie does wonderful work in empowering women to develop their spiritual gifts and incorporate them into everyday life, and to create healthy boundaries and cultivate a new sense of self so that they can be there for families in a bigger way, while creating a life that uplifts them. Brandie shares her story of developing her own mediumship gifts and building a business around them and how she was able to start this journey while being there as a mother to her children.

We talk about the power of embracing and developing your intuition and spiritual gifts and how that can improve your life day to day and allow you to move through challenges with more ease and grace. We also discuss how women can start to create a life that serves them and allows them to live as their true authentic self, while honouring their commitments to their families.

Find out more about Brandie's work at www.brandiechrisman.com

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