Rise of Humanity

Episode 2

Emotion in Motion – Seb Karamyar

RiseWithChris published on

Emotion in Motion – The Transformative Power of Film

In this episode I have an amazing discussion about the transformative effects of film with budding filmaker Seb Karamyar.

We talk about his upcoming film 'The Rains' and share some great recommendations of films upgrading your level of consciousness

and expanding your mind. Whether you are interested in film or not,  this is a powerful episode where we discuss how you can create

in any field of work and move to higher levels of living.


[Show notes]

Films and works discussed:

Tree of Life - Terrence Malick

Werckmeister Harmonies - Béla Tar

Mirror - Andrei Tarkovsky

Twin Peaks - David lynch

Dark Knight Rises - Christopher Nolan

Dunkirk - Christopher Nolan

Avatar - James Cameron

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