Rise of Humanity

Episode 33

Keepin' It Hundred - Krista Williams

RiseWithChris published on

In this awesome episode of Rise of Humanity, I talk with digital marketer and health, wellness and spirituality blogger and podcaster, Krista Williams.

Krista is an amazing soul who is dedicated to bringing her authentic self to the world through her blog, and inspiring people with her passion for fashion, health, wellness, spirituality and living life at a hundred!

Krista and I talk about the struggles many people go through, especially in their 20s, of finding meaning and purpose in their lives and creating a life they love.

We talk about…

  • Finding a passionate, authentic life path the serves you at the highest level
  • Raising your level of spiritual awareness and living a guided life
  • The power of meditation and why it is a MUST for upgrading your consciousness
  • Creating an expansive morning routine to ensure the best day possible!
  • Cultivating an empowered relationship to your body and health for higher levels of productivity and expression
  • Finding happiness without cause

Be sure to check out Krista’s blog The Hundred Blog, and her podcast Almost 30 Podcast, and follow on Instagram. Enjoy!


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