Rise of Humanity

Episode 30

Respecting Your Energy - Kahle Bontjes

RiseWithChris published on

In this episode of Rise of Humanity, I talk with intuitive coach and psychic medium Kahle Bontjes, about the importance of self-care and respecting your energy!

Neglecting this area, our physical energy, our emotions, our feelings, is something which is all too common in today’s world and can easily begin to snowball over time if not attended to. Overwhelm and chaos can quickly become the norm and lead to burnout and a life lived from a place of reaction, rather choice and decision.

Kahle shares great advice and insight in this interview on how to begin raising your energy levels for better wellbeing and having a more productive, creative and enjoyable life, where we are able to manage our schedules and responsibilities with greater balance and go about them in a way that it becomes fun!

Kahle does great work in helping her clients to get clear on who they are and what they want to create joy-filled lives, and have more energy so they can do the things they love!

She has great coaching services available to check out at www.kahlebontjes.com

Also check out Kahle's free Facebook group – Creating Clarity with Kahle Bontjes

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