Rise of Humanity

Episode 20

Shine Your Light Into The World - Jenn Lederer

RiseWithChris published on

In this episode of Rise of Humanity I talk with the amazing and talented motivational speaker, business coach and podcaster - Jenn Lederer!

Jenn does amazing work with her coaching clients helping them to step into their greatness, shine their light into the world and bring their true authentic self out into their business for massive impact!

This episode is full of awesome advice and tips on how to step into your greatness. We discuss what it means to run as a 'white horse' or embrace your 'unicorn' self, what it takes to really shine out into the world, what it is that stands in people's way and steps to take to overcome that and live as your authentic self.

Jenn has a great story of personal transformation and embracing her 'unicorn' self, working her way from management in the entertainment industry to the work she is doing today as a coach and speaker.

You can check out Jenn's work and her podcast 'Weekly Alignment' at www.jennlederer.com

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