Rise of Humanity

Episode 34

The Ego's Code - Clayton John Ainger

RiseWithChris published on

In this incredible episode of Rise of Humanity I talk with spiritual teacher, speaker and psychic medium Clayton John Ainger about the true purpose of the ego and negativity and how to work with these to expand our greatness out and find wholeness from within.

Clayton had a life-altering experience in being guided to visit Stonehenge, after which he began receiving downloads of information regarding the true purpose of negativity and the ego. Over time Clayton pieced all of this information together to create what he now calls ‘The Ego’s Code’.

We talk about…

The true purpose of the ego and what it is for
The truth behind experiencing negativity and how to work with it for your highest good
Why positive thinking DOESN’T work
Creating positive and empowering behaviours aligned with your highest self

And much, much more!

This episode is full of gold for anyone looking to experience more joy and peace in their daily life. Clayton shares incredible wisdom on how to release your negativity, so you can experience wholeness in this lifetime and enjoy your life!

Clayton has written a wonderful book ‘The Ego’s Code’ available on Amazon, which comes highly recommended, and also has some fantastic events coming up available on his website. If you are looking to upgrade your life in a very short amount of time, definitely be sure to check out Clayton’s events.


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