Rise of Humanity

Episode 41

What A Family Gains When Losing The American Dream - Judy Cochrane

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In this incredible episode of Rise of Humanity I talk with author, wife, mother of three and hypnotherapist Judy Cochrane about her amazing book “Eleven Days” detailing her family’s incredible journey from 35 million to food stamps and how this seemingly negative series of events turned into a truly magical experience.

Judy and her husband Bill worked relentlessly to achieve success and fortune, and everything fell into place when Bill’s start-up company sold for 90 million dollars leaving them with an impressive 35 million in profit. However, just as everything seemed to be aligning perfectly and everything that they had worked so hard for was finally paying off, things suddenly fell apart as the deal fell through and their life turned upside down.

Judy shares incredible insights in this talk on the unfolding of events that took place.

On the huge strain this put on her marriage.

On the decline of her physical health throughout this time.

The transformational power of assigning self-care as a priority.

Her magical eleven days house-sitting in Santa Barbara.

And how she and her husband Bill were eventually able to turn this whole experience into one of rich learning and growth.

This episode and Judy’s amazing book come HIGHLY recommended. It is a truly inspirational story and one in which you will surely be able to find a part of yourself.

Judy’s book “Eleven Days” is available on Amazon - www.amazon.com/eleven-DAYS-million-stamps-American/dp/0997692308/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1524659405&sr=8-1&keywords=cochrane+eleven+days

You can also find out more about Judy at www.jccochrane.com

And follow her on Instagram @author_jccochrane


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