River of Consciousness

Episode 24

ep 24 - Hot 5 Star

River of Conscience published on

Me and Nock sit down and discuss Valentine's Day (as children) 


We talk more XFL, the greatest football league right now, and a lot of other things that I forgot bc while I was editing this ep I was just really enjoying listening to it and not paying attention.


Oh yeah, also Nocks internet goes out, which is pretty funny. I included both of our responses to that.


Tubthumping is the outro song and it was part of the lost conversation that was dropped thanks to Nock not knowing how to hit the record button. Its the only one thats a big red circle, come on man. Smh.


anyways, always feel free to contact me at RiverOfQuestions@gmail.com

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OH and fun fact: the My Chemical Romance videos for their song Helena has more views on YouTube than Tubthumping by Chumbawamba. I didnt think the emo/scene community had that type of pull. 


pretty cool.


Float on!

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