River of Consciousness

Episode 30

ep 30 - Undertaker Palpatine

River of Conscience published on

It's the 30th episode!!!!!!!!!!!


Spoiler alert: I didn't post this one on Wednesday. I decided I'm better than that.


and wow I'm so tired. 


Posting this cast is the end of this weekend for me, but more importantly this night. I can seriously not wait to just lay down and close my eyes.




In this episode Nock & I talk about the Pizza Tiers (here's the DC Pizza pictures btw https://imgur.com/gallery/h4Z7NPO), Nocks new GF, Inspector Gadget, ancient historic creatures, we practice some voice-over work, FarmVille, the Nocktendo Switch Update (NSU), more space-stuff, and the baseball/sports update.


I'm so tired. goodnight


Contact me at RiverofQuestions@gmail.com


I am very thankful for Nock and I'm even more thankful for anyone listening.


See you all on Wednesdayyyyyyyyyyyyy!

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