River of Consciousness

Episode 53

ep 53 - Hail! Hail! ... What??

River of Conscience published on

Heyoo its the River of Consciousness!


In this episode me Nock & Nathan talk about small talk, office happy hours(I know this sounds like topics we've done before, but it's different stuff, I swear.), my experience at a certain taco truck, a bunch of other stuff and then also some more Hinge Cringe for you. I hope they don't give me a cease & desist for that or anything. It's not like we're making money. Can they do that??


Also if I may or may not be really drunk by the end of this episode...... blame my work. I'm trying okay. 


I apologize in advance.






also Plebeian has like 5 different instagrams. go to the one and you'll find all of em. 


Peace & Love 


Float on~

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