River of Consciousness

Episode 57

ep 57 - Date Your Ex

River of Conscience published on

(recorded on 9.22.2020)


What's up everyone!


Here's a new podcast for you all. I put them in bulletpoints so enjoy, listen, share, and watch a cool movie, okay??


    ?    Cobra Kai rules

    ?    Boat Girl is dead to me

    ?    The Social Dilemma doc is stupid

    ?    I may or most likely not work out


    ?    Tattoos!

    ?    Kangaroo vs Man “born to fight”

    ?    More Mountain Dew talk

    ?    Our new bit “Love it or Get Rid of it”

    ?    Technical Difficulties (TDs)

    ?    FLOAT ON!


Contact/see more at the following internet hangout spots:


www.Plebeian.US (check out the other podcasts on the network)

www.instagram.com/roc_podcast (pictures related to each podcast posted here)

RiverOfQuestions@gmail.com (cool ass email no one ever submits to)

www.facebook.com/rocpodcast (i forget to check here bc I dont use facebook that much but I dont think anyone posts here anyways.)


Thank you everyone! 

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