River of Consciousness

Episode 10

s 1 ep 10 - Are Fries Complementary? (Forreal This Time....)

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if thats the case, im not sure how re-downloading episodes will work, but please bear with me. This sucks for real but I knew it was going to happen.


Well, I'm embarrassed. Not necessarily bc i royally screwed the proverbial pooch on this upload, but bc of how much praise I gave this epiode. Now i feel like that hype is ruined because a certain audio program (who will remain nameless) decided to ~kind of~ screw me over (id say it was only 20% my fault.)


Anyways here's the actual cast now, the OG description is below.


I'm not removing the messed up episode bc of weird analytic reasons (w RSS feeds and downloads things get real screwy. Blame the internet, not me.)


Definite new episode(s) coming this week. I'm really antsy so you might just get lucky with a double feature. 


Pre vacation cast!!!!!


Also I talk about stand-up comedy vs radio talk show, an update on Car Guy, my take on the “which burger place is better” question, social media, my hair, and the Netflix pick of the week which is actually on Amazon video! Oh yeah, also I go on a french fries rant so that’s awesome.


I say “Evan Goldstein” instead of “Evan Goldberg” But in my defense I do say “I don’t think that’s his last name”


In conclusion, I am gonna be 100% straight up beach bummin while you’re listening to this, so enjoy that lol.




Also P.S. I forgot to “get into fries” but seasoned curly fries are #1 and tater tots are a tight #2. Waffle fries are the worst type of potato hands down, idc.


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