River of Consciousness

Episode 12

s 1 ep 12 - System Overload (feat. Nock)

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First guest alert!!!


What up Nock?? My co-host from Movie Violation Podcast, which my hosting site nuked for being too good of a podcast (gonna bring it back eventually or just integrate into RoC idk yet)


Nock is an author, but more importantly a guy I met in highschool.


We talk about field trips, high school, and conspiracy theories and I’ll leave the rest up for you to decide.


Check out Nock’s books from the links below


The Discovery Years



The Discovery Years: Fervent



Also I was playing Mario kart while listening back to this and I can’t get first on Tick-Tock Clock and it’s insane. I have to keep restarting the Lightning Cup so I can try and bring home the gold baby!!!



As always email me anything you want at RiverOfQuestions@gmail.com

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