River of Consciousness

Episode 14

s 1 ep 14 - Brotherhood of the Traveling Bud Light

River of Conscience published on

What up everybody! Long time no see ;)

(srsly tho i've got it now no more missed weeks)

This is a big ranting episode so hopefully that works out.

anyways......... in this ep I talk about meetin up with some of the good ol boys from back home, lyft and uber's relationship with Austin, TX, a lot of strange post apocalyptic and dystopian things going on in todays "society" (lol)


I also talk about the future of car technology, as well as the ubsurd new trends going on.....

and at the very end I bomb at trying to rant about why puppies are terrible. oh well. 


Working on scheduling and content for the patreon so get your dollars ready, okay?



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