River of Consciousness

Episode 29

s 1 ep 29 - The Cosmic Highway/The Vacuumverse (feat Party Marty & Nath)

River of Conscience published on

My fellow Floatmericans (and all the other non-billionaires and non-famous actors that listen to this podcast)


I wanted to do a call-in episode and talk to a bunch of people on the phone. I had a sick phone recording setup but it didn't end up working.


Long story short, I just phone-talked to my boys Party Marty and then Nath on the phone and the audio on their part is less than ideal. I listened to it a couple times though and I think its fine. You'll get used to it. 


Regardless, I really like this ep. Hope you do too.


if you hate it email me at RiverofQuestions@gmail.com (I've talked about changing it but RoCPodcast is taken, which I now remember is why I didn't use that one at first. idk) 


anyways, if you dont like this episode bc of the audio quality (100% my fault, not party marty's or nath's fault) just wait a couple days and i'll have a good one for you.


Thank you and float on ! ! ! !

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