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Episode 38

s 1 ep 38 - Thank God For Cyber Monday

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Hello everyone and HELLO NATH TO THE SHOW!!!!


Well, kind of. His mic audio is not great in this ep, but trust me, it was way more messed up before Nock and I got our hands on it. Hopefully the problem will be fixed by the next show. Also TBH a lot of podcasts that I usually listen to have had way worse audio recently than RoC does, so you should be grateful for that. ANYWAYS hopefully we've got our third mic now with this young man.


Now down to business. In this ep we talk about learning from home, virtual class clowns, obligatory check-ins with the boys, we have some slight book-talk, some talk about ads and sponsored posts, quarantine-delivery experiences, and post-quarantine predictions.


Not to mention a very slight touchdown on RoC's recent team up with Plebeian and the start of the podcast network (there'll be more details about that eventually)


Also it's a long one so we also get into oldskool iTunes days, modern composers, The Cliche Topic of the Week, The River of Consciousness Fact of the Day (That you probably already knew), old comic strips, new watch-thru-podcast ideas, and a lot more than I can write down.


Check out the new Instagram for the show at @RoC_Podcast 


And always feel free to contact me at RiverOfQuestions@gmail.com


Float on everybody and continue to stay safe ~~

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