River of Consciousness

Episode 43

s 1 ep 43 - Sike Degree

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Hey everyone!


Its the podcast's birthday!!!!!! Well, kind of. It's sort of like a dog or cat where you're never really sure when the actual bday is, but it has been a year at LEAST.


Anyways, in this ep we talk about The River's birthday, baseball (for some reason) , "going viral" now vs back in the day, dating apps, my confidence in being able to dodge an actual bullet (from a gun) , and airsoft battles as kids (not real guns).


As well as all that other junk we also answer some listener questions!


And thats pretty much it. (I would break down what the questions are, but just listen to it. It's a podcast, not a blog post)


Check us out on instagram for pictures of what we're talking about (kinda) at @RoC_Podcast 


and feel free to ask us questions anywhere including the state-of-the-art hotline RiverOfQuestions@gmail.com


Here's to another year, maybe.

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