River of Consciousness

Episode 46

s 1 ep 46 - Dogs In Space

River of Conscience published on

What’s up everyone? Nock edited this week’s episode so I could go out and protest for the Black Lives Matter movement, so shout out to Nock


This is gonna be the last podcast with Nock & Nathan for a while until things get sorted out. 


I wish I could've posted it earlier. I wish I had more information.


I hope everyone stays safe, and remember that your voice matters.



Anyways, this time we talk about the SpaceX launch, what we think the next big social media craze will be, we touch on the worldwide protests concerning #BlackLivesMatter, and Nock cuts his finger.


im not going to put any personal links here. Just donate to any of the Black Lives Matter foundations https://www.allure.com/story/black-lives-matter-where-to-donate


go protest.

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