River of Consciousness

Episode 48

s 1 ep 48 - Retail Therapy

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What's up everyone!

I'm back from ANOTHER break, but it's all good now. The pod is back and better-than-ever, if by better-than-ever you mean filled with a bunch of personal references people might not get, but HEY, that's us letting you peer into the window of our worlds, okay? And to be honest, the more you listen, the more these things will make sense.


Anways I didn't write down much about what discuss this week, but we talk about my new health regime, The Mandela Effect (no one's ever done that before on a podcast), where we used to hang out as teenagers, sports vs game shows, nickelodeon shows (I think?) , and a bunch of other stuff. I think horror movies get talked about for a good amount of time. 

You'll figure it out.

Thanks for listening!


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