River of Consciousness

Episode 55

s 1 ep 55 - No Penguins in Alabama (Live ep 1)

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So this podcast is the first live podcast in two ways. This is the first time that me & the boys have been able to do an episode all in the same room, and we also DID technically have an audience of two people. There was actually about 2 seconds where there was technically a live audience of four people. So wow.


Anyways, I'm back home from the beast coast and let me tell you its never been hotter. I hate it. Some random guy gave me props on my Phils hat today coming back from work so that was cool.


Also I got to meet up with the Plebeian team in person for the first time so that was pretty sick. Also gained a few new loyal listeners (so they say) but we'll see!


Contact/see more at the following internet hangout spots:


www.Plebeian.US (check out the other podcasts on the network)

www.instagram.com/roc_podcast (pictures related to each podcast posted here)

RiverOfQuestions@gmail.com (cool ass email no one ever submits to)

www.facebook.com/rocpodcast (i forget to check here bc I dont use facebook that much but I dont think anyone posts here anyways.)


take it easy, float on, peace !


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