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Episode 58

s 1 ep 58 - Full Moon Cast

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(Recorded on 10/1/2020)


Hey everyone. we recorded this ep last last week so im just now getting to upload it. My bad on this one. Also it was recorded on a full moon and There were some jokes I wanted to use as the title for the episode, but didn't want to spoil them. So that being said, this is the first ep without a name that is a direct line from the podcast. oh well!!!! Enjoy :)


Anyways. we talk about a lot on this one. AND ITS A FULL MOON so you can't blame me for anything, okay?


So from what I wrote down we get into comptrollers, high school government, and why I believe in Full Moons.


Also Nathan becomes our new sports-guy as he talks about his new football team fandom, not to mention his NBA finals prediction. It's great to final have someone who knows abpout sports on the podcast team. 


We continue to talk about all the cool shows/movies you should be streaming and get into my new fascination with the app Letterboxd, and unravel more mysteries about my apartment complex.


In the second half we do our first RoC Internet Speed Challenge, tips and news about the new iOS 14, new generation gaming consoles, and of course another round of our famous bit Love it ot Get Rid of it (with updated rules)

all this and more on the River of Consciousness Podcast!


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Float on everyone :)


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