River of Consciousness

Episode 59

s 1 ep 59 - One Big Cookie

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Look, it's a Saturday. I'm a little late. Whatever.


Eddie Van Halen died like 2 months ago at this point, but I'm still going to grieve his loss since the last pod was like right before he died. Van Halen is a pretty cool last name by the way, I wonder if that's his actual last name or if he came up with it separately. Who knows.




I laughed the most listening back to this ep than any other one. I'm not even lying. I would tell you if I thought it sucked, or simply just not put it out.


We talk about a bunch of stuff and I'm looking at what I have written down right now but honestly I don't want to spoil it bc I think its that great. Sue me. One thing I will say is that I debut my new spin on our classic Hinge Cringe bit and it's pretty great. We also debut the new jingle for Love it or Get Rid of it and its pretty well done. Shoutout to Nock for that and shoutout to Nathan for making me crack up this whole ep.


I dont feel like typing the social media out for this one since it's taken me two days to edit so just look at a different episode bio or just google river of consciousness. maybe something will come up maybe not.


actually just email me at RiverOfQuestions@gmail.com and its also instagram.com/RoC_Podcast 




I'm going back to sleep now.



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