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Episode 60

s 1 ep 60 - Electronic Paper Shredder

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Hello everyone! 


This episode starts with a very brief history of the podcast itself (not really), and then talk about one of our favorite bands, The Wonder Years who just had a new song come out today paying homage to the style of music they used to play around 10 years ago. Then I do mention how I was "definitely going to post this episode before Friday" and well what can I say? I'm a liar. Sue me. 


We also discuss the metric system and why I hate it, "The Year 2038 Problem", and Texas things that only Texans know are from there.


We finish it up with a story about Nathans best McDonalds trip ever (and I'm super jealous about it), more about the growing homeless-camping-community (HCC) and then I completely mess up my Bill Burr impression the ONE time I'm recording it.... smh.


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Float on! 

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