River of Consciousness

Episode 61

s 1 ep 61 - Lost Tapes vol 1: The Dolphins Make Me Cry

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Recorded 11/3/2019


My recording interface broke so here’s the first lost tapes episode.


The reason this particular episode became a lost tape is because I thought I was too drunk, due to the happiness of The Dolphins breaking their winless streak in  their 2019 season. IMO it’s bad broadcasting solely on my part. I thought it might be funny now listening back, but idk ¯\_(?)_/¯


Rare pre-Nathan ep.


We chat about the Miami Dolphins' first win of the 2019 season, some sort of other sports stuff, The movie known as Joker (remember this was recorded a year ago), The Eagles' Super Bowl win (Go Birds). Also I think this is my first mention of my love for Matthew McConaughey, I think. And also maybe my first reference to Dazed and Confused. Theres a bunch of other old 2019 stuff so I’m not gonna write it all down. So just listen to it. I hope it’s funny listening back. If it sucks, I apologize.


A note from the future: Diablo IV still isn’t out, and I still haven’t seen the Irishman. Maybe one day...


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