River of Consciousness

Episode 67

s 1 ep 67 - Somebody Has To!!

River of Conscience published on

(Recorded on 1/21/2021)


Hello all.

In this ep we talk about my quarantine 2.0 and my "covid scare" (dont worry, I'm fine.), the Apple Watch, Netflix's new 2021 movie initiative as well as foreign films/series on Netflix.

Then theres a lot more talk about movies and streaming services as well as the possible revival of Nock and I's first podcast: Movie Violation. Which would now feature Nathan (who also complains about buying a $60 USB microphone at some point.)

We then talk about more stuff that makes me cry, the Heaven's Gate cult (and other cults/cult leaders), going to college for free, and wrap it all up with a brand new addition of Love It or Get Rid of It!!!!

fun times!!


This is getting posted on a saturday so I hope people see it and it doesnt get buried... blame nathan & nock, I wanted to record it on Tuesday.





you know the drill....... float on



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