River of Consciousness

Episode 68

s 1 ep 68 - Space Jester

River of Conscience published on

Its a straight up River of Consciousness ep!


I only wrote down like 1.5 things to talk about with this one. Wanted to see if I could get back to basics.


We start with a new bit I'm trying out, then talk about iPhone games and microtransactions (including Johnny Trigger, Mr. Autofire, and the ".io" games). Then theres more space talk (including my dream of going to Mars) , and the rise of r/WallStreetBets and the beginning of the Wall Street retail-trader takeover. 


Then we talk about taking off of work for your birthday, discuss some improv 'exercises" and Nathan debuts his impression of me.


This podcast would've been out a day earlier but I'm obsessed with the stock market now and hopefully I get rich.






Float to the Moon everyone!!

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