River of Consciousness

Episode 9

s 1 ep 9 - Urgent Update: I Messed Up

River of Conscience published on

Hey I'm beachside and heard I messed up the podcast apparently. Which is completely unheard of anyone doing ever so heres an update. 


(I wrote that part of the description an hour or so ago and thought it was funny, but reading it back it sounds like I'm being condescending and let me tell you thats so completely far from the truth. I feel like an idiot and I'm pissed that this even happened.)


I recorded this just on my iPhone headphones mic into my voice memos. I was outside on my balcony and spoiler alert: it's windy right across from the waterfront (subtle flex) so yeah the audio quality isn't great. 


The actual new cast will be up soon when I can finally get back to my technology and fix it. 


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